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The dog defense practice is premised on procedural due process for dog owners. A fundamental American principle is that the accused must be afforded the right to be heard and the right to confront witnesses. This is not just for criminal matters and it is mentioned in two Constitutional amendments demonstrating its importance. A hearing is a time to effectively contest, disprove or justify the allegations of bad behavior against you and your dog. Having a lawyer helps makes certain that all relevant facts are presented and challenged and that the process is handled in your best interests. Still, orders can be made which do not seem to follow logic or reason and additional hearings become necessary as part of the appeals process. It is important to confront and cross-examine witnesses at each interval. That’s what we do well.

Procedural Due Process Rights for Dog Owners

Dogs are still considered property in the world of law. This is not a modern view and it is inconsistent with true value these pets have in our lives. It is ultimately up to legislators to take up the concept and give courts the authority to change their view. Right now, on a case by case basis, we use innumerable tools to force the issue and change the perception, one dog and one owner at a time. We are very appreciative of the opportunity to represent people in such important family matters. Our guarantee is that we will use the same effort and energy to win as though we were trying to protect our own dog.

Dog are still considered property in all legal jurisdictions. Due process, whether rooted in the federal or state constitutions, extends to life, liberty and property, and thus should extend to any action that may be taken against your dog.

Procedural due process is based on the concept of fairness. It includes an individual's right to be adequately notified of charges or proceedings involving him, and the opportunity to be heard at these proceedings.

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