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Pet owners understand the joy an animal can bring to a household. Therefore, when your faithful dog has been ordered to be euthanized because of an alleged attack, bite or nuisance claim, it can be devastating. The good news is that with the help of our experienced Boston animal liability defense attorneys, you can fight to overturn an order to put your pet down.

At Boston Dog Lawyers we represent responsible dog owners nationwide who have been informed that their dogs must be unfairly restrained, punished or euthanized to preserve the safety of others. We understand how important pets are to you and your family. We have a proven track record of saving that friendship.

Dedicated Animal Liability Defense Representation

Each animal case is unique. When you retain our services, the first thing we will do is perform a thorough investigation into the alleged incident and all the parties involved. Often, dog aggression stems from:
Someone provoking the animal
A trespasser
Poor health or exercise
Someone under the influence causing an unusual reaction
An attempt at defending itself or its owner
Misinterpreting clothing or body language

Our team looks at everything from the weather that day through your dog’s diet to determine if the incident was founded in aggression, mistake or simply a dog being a dog.

Your Dog Has the Right to Due Process

Did the victim miss the warnings you and your dog were giving him or her? It is rare that a dog resorts directly to a bite to gain control of a situation.

Has the TV news or local press been involved? Are you being portrayed fairly and accurately? Have you managed your story, language and emotion well?

We offer all the skills you need to fight for your Dog's rights! Contact Us!